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Books became a vehicle for extending our creativity and imagination on Nami Island, where the world of imagination became a reality in nature. In subsequent years the number of countries participating has grown from 68 in 2006 to 76 in 2007 ears and 78 in 2008 with 400,000 visitors for each event. NAMBOOK Festival has earned a global reputation over the years not only for it features an outstanding exhibition of children's books from all over the world but also for these are presented in combination with rare exhibitions of original illustrations. 


In 2010, NAMBOOK Festival integrated a time of sharing and communicating with children to imagine and explore the peaceful future by introducing 'Peace Story'.


What is 'Peace Story?

The participants of NABOOK-007 opening ceremony formed a vision of sharing different ideas of peace with children through creating a picture-book together. To fulfil the vision, experts in art and children's literature from 18 countries gathered in November 2009 in Korea to establish the guideline for publishing 'Peace Story' - a collection of illustrated stories about peace from all over the world. Authors and artists from 22 countries wrote and illustrated 'Peace Story' from their own perspectives.



    • Exhibitions

- 'Hello, Dear Enemy' Exhibition from International Youth Library, Munich, Germany

- World New Children's Picture Books Exhibition

- 'Peace Story' Original Illustrations Exhibition

- Exhibition of Picture Books and Original Illustrations of Korea, China, and Japan

- World Classic Fairytales 'Big Book' Exhibition in the Forest

- Children's Recycled Inventions Exhibition

- Yu Qing Cheng (Mud Sculpture Artist, China) Invited Exhibition

- Giant Poster Exhibition in honour of International Children's Book Day

- Special Exhibition of Representative Woodcrafts of China

- UNICEF Charity Exhibition

- Art Exhibition of Characters in the Forest

- Others: Programmes Recommended by NAMBOOK-101 Committee Members

    • Performances

- National Days (Guest of Honour Days)

- Puppet Play / Storytelling / Children's Song Contest

- Fashion Show for Children

- Traditional Performances of Korea, Japan, China, Ecuador, and the Philippines

- Invited Traditional Performances by Troupes from Overseas

- Others: Programmes recommended by NAMBOOK-010 Committee Members

    • Workshop / Experietial Programmes

- 'How to Make a Book' Workshop for Children

- Pottery Experiential School 'Peace making from Mud'

- Book Art Workshop for Kids and Parents

- Secondhand Book Store - Children's Flea Market

- Others: Workshops recommended by NAMBOOK-010 Committee Members

    • Contests

- 'Drawing Main Character of Fairytales', Exhibition of Children's Paintings

- Picture Book Illustration Contest

- 'Singing Children's Song with Family' Contest

- Recycled Invention Contest

- Peace Photo Contest


General information

    • Date: 1 October ~ 14 November 2010 (45 days)
    • Venue: All around Nami Island (Chuncheon, Korea) and The National Library for Children & Young Adults (Seoul, Korea)

Organized by NAMBOOK-010 International Committee | Supported by Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, IBBY / KBBY, Foreign Embassies in Korea, The National Library from Children & Young Adults, Korean Tourism Organization, Korean Publishers Association, Gangwon Province, Chuncheon City, The Korean Committee for UNICEF, Korean National Commission for UNESCO, Korea YMCA, National YMCA of Korea, Song Island Foundation

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